Bouquet Blends is the given name to the beauty products and remedies made by Lea Sandoval at SRV. All products are hand-made or hand-distilled with plants and flowers grown at Sandoval Ranch.

 Seasonal Room and Body Sprays (As Available)

Lemon Crème (sweet meyer lemon) (2oz) $15

Chai (spicy, slightly floral cocoa) (2oz) $15

Smudge Me (lavender, sage, & pine) (2oz) $15

Hippie Rose   (2oz) $15

Custom Blended Perfumes & Colognes From $50-$150.

Bud Break Grendades (5oz) $50    

(Bouquet of grapes, herbs & flowers from the Ranch, with hints of barbequed oak)

Small Batch Hydrosols (Hand Distilled)

Rose (Rosa Damascena Kazanlilk)   (2 oz.) $20; (4oz) $40

Lemon Verbena               (2 oz.) $15

Rose Geranium               (2 oz.) $15; (4oz) $40

Lavender                    (2 oz.) $15

Sage                        (2 oz.) $15

*Larger sizes available & wholesale prices offered on 16 oz. bottles or more.

Facial Toners or Rosewater & Glycerin

Regenerating (normal-to-dry skin)     (3.5 oz.) $18

Cleansing (oily-to-normal skin)           (3.5 oz.) $18

Rosewater and glycerin (50/50)            (3.5 oz.) $18


Hand poured Soy Candles (As Available)

Travel Tins (4oz.) $25

Glass Concho Candles    $30-$75.

Aromatherapy Blend Smelling Salts

Slumber Tribe              $7.50

Wake-Up                    $7.50

Memory Booster             $7.50

Stress Relief              $7.50

Cold Relief/Decongestant   $7.50

 Set of 4 in a travel bag     $25


Lip Smoothers (Chocolate syrup, Rosé all day, Rioja Red, Lavender Dream) $6.

Mike’s Magic Salve (2 oz.) $20; (4 oz.)  $40

Anti-inflammatory, analgesic treatment containing cannabis root, coconut oil, beeswax, essential oils of eucalyptus & peppermint, and lemon grass or lavender.