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Sandoval Ranch and Vineyard is a sustainable farm and vineyard.

‘The Ranch’, as we call it, was previously a cutting-horse and cattle ranch. 13 years ago, we planted a small vineyard of 200 vines. Today we have over 3,000 vines and three grape varietals (Tempranillo, Garnacha, and Garnacha Blanca)!

Everything we have done throughout our transformation from a horse-and-cattle ranch to a fully-fledged vineyard is done with recycling and the environment in mind. Although we are not certified organic, we work hard to maintain sustainable and eco-friendly farming techniques and care for our grapes by hand. We pay special attention to canopy management and pest problems by planting cover crops that attract insects to keep the vineyard in harmony. We also take great care in monitoring the nutrients within the grapes, so that they are well balanced at harvest and require less additives during the fermentation process.

We sell our grapes to both local and non-local winemakers. If you are interested in buying some of our grapes, please contact us!